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FDI Master CE Programme - Module 5: Indirect Aesthetic Restoration

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03 June 2024 Cairo British university, Faculty of Dentistry

FDI Master CE Programme: 

The Master CE Programme on Adhesive and Aesthetic Dentistry is an innovative curriculum designed by FDI World Dental Federation to elevate your skills and expertise in this specialized field. This comprehensive programme comprises five modules, each meticulously crafted to provide a blend of insightful lectures and hands-on training. 

Led by internationally renowned speakers, each module unfolds over a one-day session, seamlessly integrating theoretical discourse with practical applications. By participating, you'll earn CE credits and receive a FDI certificate of participation for each completed module.

Customize your learning journey by selecting modules that align with your interests and goals. With courses conducted worldwide, you have the flexibility to attend sessions in various locations, fostering global connections and collaboration with your peers.

Upon mastering all five modules, you'll receive an additional certificate of attendance, showcasing your dedication to advancing your proficiency in aesthetic and adhesive dentistry.

Next course: 1-day lecture and hands-on session on Module 5: Indirect Aesthetic Restorations

Course Outline and Objectives

Indirect Esthetic Restorations are in today's world rather challenging and demanding.  It is imperative to have a systematic step by step approach to Diagnosis and Treatment planning. It will be discussed in detail with regards to all the important parameters for smile design both in an Analogue way and in Digital space. The  keys to long term success in Indirect Esthetic Restorations is to do with the understanding of 3 fundamentals, namely

1. How to treat tooth tissues.

2. How to deal with different types of Ceramics and

3. Methods and materials for long term success. 

In addition aspects of anterior guidance, different ways to accomplish good occlusion and good lab communication will also be addressed.  The goal now days is to have predictable planning and there after have Ceramic Restorations with high Esthetics, no post operative discomfort and which function well for a very long duration of time

3rd June 2024 12:00 AM through 12:00 AM
Event Fee(s)
Full Day programme: Lecture and Lectures & Workshop $ 150.00
Full Day programme: Lecture and Lectures & Workshop - Students & Interns $ 100.00
Half Day programme: Lecture only $ 50.00
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